Stuart Varney Just Shredded Moron Juan Williams For Defending Killary’s Election Fraud, It’s Epic

Democrats have been tying themselves in knots trying to defend their party’s nominee Hillary Clinton and her cronies after Wikileaks has proved over and over again how she’s been cheating and lying.

One of the worst offenses discovered yet was the revelation that DNC Chair Donna Brazile secretly gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign debate questions before the Democratic primary debates. It’s absurd that Juan Williams still defends Hillary as not being corrupt.

Said Stuart Varney to Juan about Donna and Hillary’s crime, “That knocks the whole concept of a free and open debate out of the park. Her opponent, Sanders, he did not know the questions in advance, he didn’t get a chance to look good but Hillary Clinton did.”

Answered Williams, “Senator Sanders was well prepared and if your point is her campaign was being overly aggressive and Donna Brazile crossed the line, I agree with you, but to somehow associate that with the candidate being prepared you’re way over the line.”

Stuart had had enough. He shot back, “She knew the questions beforehand…That’s preparation? That’s preparation? Is that how you Leftists conduct yourselves?…You cheat like that?” Boom! Do you agree with Stuart Varney?