Dallas Cowboys Player FIRED After Disrespecting the Anthem

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wasn’t messing around when he said that there would be consequences for any player who continued to disrespect the national anthem during games, and one player learned that lesson the hard way.

Defensive end Damantre Moore decided to test the resolve of Jones’ threat, and while he did not kneel during the national anthem, he did raise a black power fist after it was played, which cameras were quick to focus on.

Moore quickly tried to backpedal on his choice to raise his fist in protest, telling reporters “I’ve got a lot of family members that are in the military.” He continued, “My brother just got done serving a tour. He was over there, stationed in Germany, both my granddads, my granddad and my stepdad, was heavily involved in the military. I’ve got other family members who are.”

Despite his attempts to sway the public by building his own connections with those who put their lives on the line for our country, Dallas officials saw through the facade and put Moore in his place, removing him from their roster Wednesday evening.

The defensive end has had a rough year with the Cowboys, and it seems like the protest might have just been the straw that broke the camels back. Earlier, Mr. Moore had suspended for the first two weeks of the season after violating a substance abuse policy, and more recently he was involved in an altercation at a nightclub, although it was ruled that he was not at fault in that incident.

Moore, however, was not the only member of the Dallas Cowboys to raise his fist in protest after the singing of the national anthem. Defensive lineman David Irving also joined in on the silent protest before the game, but as of now no word has come through as to whether or not he will be facing any kind of repercussion.

With Moore gone, a strong message was shot throughout the Cowboys organization: Disrespect our country, and face the consequences.

Jerry Jones wasn’t joking around when he said punishments would be handed out for those who make a mockery of the country, but I don’t think anyone, especially not Damontre Moore, could have seen such a serious action come down from the top. Makes ya think, that protest really wasn’t all that worth it after all, now was it Damontre?